Bloomberg: Do not expect more Apple events this year

During the week, Apple held its “Unleashed” event where new Airpods 3, new Macbook Pro, and a Homepod Mini in new colors were released. But that is also all we will see in the future from Apple this year, at least if we are to believe information from Bloombergs Mark Gurman. Gurman says he “does […]

Apple’s Magsafe Duo charger cannot charge the Apple Watch Series 7 fast

Apple’s Magsafe Duo charger was released at the same time as the Iphone 12 last year. The product’s promise is that the charger can be used to charge both an Iphone and an Apple Watch at the same time. Now notes Macrumors that a year later, the Magsafe Duo has already become outdated. The product […]

Apple Music may be on its way to Playstation 5

Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music may be on its way to Sony’s gaming console Playstation 5, reports Eurogamer. At least two different people have posted pictures online showing how Apple Music suddenly appeared on their Playstation 5’s music menu. The opportunity to choose Apple Music should have emerged in connection with the people creating […]

Apple is looking at Airpods that can measure your body temperature

According to information to The Wall Street Journal, via The Verge, Apple will be exploring new health features for its Airpods. Among these are Airpods that can measure the wearer’s body temperature, analyze their posture and improve their hearing. It is unclear if the latter is a feature that differs from Airpod’s existing conversation boost. […]

Therefore, Apple is trying to stop page loading by all means

Apple has now released a report that points out the risks of so-called side loading. IN the report the risks to the mobile ecosystem appear if side loading is allowed. According to Apple, the threats have been exacerbated by increased reliance on mobile devices, which are driven by the corona pandemic. The reason for Apple’s […]

Iphone 13 better than Iphone 12 Pro in recognized camera test

To Iphone 13 Pro performs better in camera tests than last year Iphone 12 Pro is perhaps not so surprising, but now comes a new proof of how much better the camera system has become – in the entire Iphone 13 series. Dxo Mark has tested “usual” Iphone 13, which gave the phone 138 points […]

Test shows: So much better battery life with Promotion screen

Iphone 13 and Iphone 13 Pro have the same screen size and almost identical processors. The previous one has a slightly larger battery (3,227 mAh) compared to the Iphone 13 Pro (3,100 mAh), which in theory should give the cheaper Iphone model slightly better battery life. But this is not really the case, according to […]

Nintendo? Sony? No – it is Apple that earns the most at stake

The Wall Street Journal has taken a closer look at the documents that were published in connection with the high-profile lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple that ended recently. An interesting detail is that Apple earned $ 8.5 billion on games in 2019, which is $ 2 billion more than what Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and […]

Then you can order a copy of the Apple Watch Series 7

In connection with Apple’s September event was shown Apple Watch Series 7 up, but we received no concrete information about when the new watch will go on sale. Now Apple announces that it will be possible to pre-order the watch from Friday at 14.00. Then the official sales start will take place on October 15. […]