A singer targeted by a lynch? White won’t like this!

According to White people think that when it is not possible to sing, the singers basically have time off and enough money for that. He therefore tries to tame such opinions. “No one is rich enough to stop working now – and not at all,” White admitted. In addition, the singer bought a cultural house […]

Breaking up with Radek behind the door? The incredible decision of White!

She likes to maintain friendly relations with expartners and still considers some former loves to be soul mates. “I was lucky to have three fateful men who still have a role in my life and play a role in it. And these three men, Petr Kratochvíl, Václav Noid Bárta (39) a Petr Makovička, they are […]

Bílá and her Filip: A GREAT REQUEST TO A SON! What’s happening?!

When you walk through Karlovka, a narrow alley of the Old Town, towards Charles Bridge and you receive a leaflet with an invitation to a performance, don’t forget to see who handed it to you. Maybe it will be a son Lucie Bílé Philip (25). Such a smiling hairdresser, she has peepholes like mom. The […]

Actor Petr Čtvrtníček is in hospital, his coronavirus infection is serious

Actor Petr Čtvrtníček became infected with coronavirus and the disease has a serious course, so he had to be hospitalized. He became ill last week, but his condition worsened so much that the ambulance had to take him to a hospital in Prague’s Motol. The daily reported that the quarterly ended up in the intensive […]

Lucie Bílá vs. Pavlína Baburková: Did the son of the sock marry her?

The wrong is gone forever. That’s what the singer proved Lucie Bíláwho employed a son Pavlína Babůrková, Miss Czechoslovakia 1992. Years ago, she seduced her partner Petra Leisure timewith whom he has a son Filip (25). Babůrková gave birth to four offspring to Kratochvíl, thanks to whom Filip did not grow up alone, although of […]

Lucie Bílá: First quarantine and now … I GOT A COVID!

Slavice lingered for a moment with the confession. “Dear friends, how do you manage this difficult time? Not too chuckling? I hope at least as well as possible. We haven’t heard from each other for a long time, so it occurred to me that I would tell you a few things so you wouldn’t forget […]

Coronavirus among acting legends: STAŠOVÁ MADE FREJA!

Due to a positive test for covid-19 Simona Stašová The ABC Theater canceled the performance last week. And given that s Frejem they tried the game On the Golden Lake, it couldn’t have turned out otherwise. “I got infected by Simona Stašová,” said Aha! Frej. The actress tried to bring him back to life after […]

Simona Stašová (65): In quarantine! And unexpected complications!

Due to health reasons, Wednesday’s performance of her monodrama Shirley Valentine at the ABC Theater in Prague was canceled. “Even if Simona is not in quarantine, she cannot perform,” described the owner of the Harlekýn theater agency, Václav Hanzlíček. Stašová about Bohdalová’s mother: She revealed something that is not said much … fell off. At […]