Covid-19. Batches of vaccines under very close surveillance

The first mass vaccination campaign concerns one million elderly people living in collective residences. They will receive two doses, three weeks apart. High risk transport The first 19,500 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in France, this Saturday morning, December 26, from the Puurs plant (Belgium). Preserved in dry ice, they were placed in super-freezers […]

Many British people in Mallorca now have to go to the police quickly

The queues in front of the immigration office in Palma are already long in normal times. But in these months there are also the many British who want to secure their further stay in Mallorca in view of the imminent end of the Brexit transition period on December 31st. After the kingdom left the European […]

Diabetes Friends application called Help Patients Understand the Disease – The use of application-based technology is starting to be widely used by diabetes patients. Therefore, it is important to study the effectiveness of using technology-based applications for the treatment of diabetes patients. The Diabetes Friends app supports scientific research on the benefits of using technology for diabetes patients. “One of our missions at […]

8 Early Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, One of which is tingling and numbness

illustration of diabetes. © – – Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that mostly attacks most people, including Indonesia. This disease is usually characterized by high blood sugar levels in the body. This blood sugar cannot be absorbed properly by the body, as a result it will accumulate and cause disruption to […]

Agnez Mo Looks Beautiful Using Anne Avantie’s Kebaya, Proposed by Raphael Maitimo?

Agnez Mo. Instagram @agnezmo ©2020 – – Agnez Mo appeared very beautiful using Anne Avantie’s kebaya designs. Agnez’s charming appearance earned him a lot of praise from citizens. Agnez’s appearance that stole the attention made not a few citizens ask questions. In the midst of the pandemic, seeing Agnez appearing in such a […]

6 Ways to Overcome Gout Naturally, Effectively and Safely

Illustration of gout. © 2015 Point Fr – – One of the many diseases suffered by the people of Indonesia is gout. Gout is a joint disease that occurs due to high uric acid levels in the blood. Unhealthy lifestyles more or less trigger this degenerative disease to occur. Basically, this disease is […]

Remake de Mulán delays its premiere due to coronavirus

Lots, he remake In a real image of the animation classic, it is postponing its release date again. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disney has decided to delay the release of the film for the second time, which will not finally be released until August 21. It may interest you The film, the update of […]

Beaches in Solana Beach, Del Mar and Carlsbad reopen for exercise – Telemundo 52

SAN DIEGO- The northern coastal towns of the county reopened with restrictions on Monday: Solana Beach, Del Mar, Torrey Pines and Carlsbad. Running, walking, surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding will be allowed on the beach. Gatherings on the beach or parking lots are still prohibited, as well as lying down to sunbathe or watch the waves. […]