Valentino Rossi: He can’t afford to make a mistake / MotoGP

Valentino Rossi has lost a lot of credit in the past four years without a win. If he continues now, then he has to be sure that he can really stop the downward trend. Valentino Rossi doesn’t show his cards. He used the summer break to make a decision about his career. Should he continue […]

Kevin Schwantz on Marquez: “He’s doing a good job” / MotoGP

Former 500 cc world champion Kevin Schwantz (57) believed after Marc Márquez’s victory at the German GP that he had regained his old form. But in Assen the problems returned. Kevin Schwantz, 25-time half-liter GP winner, world champion in a Suzuki 1993, popular crowd favorite and daredevil from Texas, had six wins from Repsol Honda […]

Scandalous VIDEOS from the ball of Sofi Marinova’s son

Sophie Marinova threw a big party for her son Lorenzo’s prom. The proud mother gathered relatives and friends at a noisy party, which lasted until the early hours of the next day. Apart from the excitement surrounding the completion of her successor, Sophie had something else to think about. On this important day for her […]

Styria GP on August 8th: Tickets now available / MotoGP

Ticket sales have started for the Styrian motorcycle GP on the Red Bull Ring (August 6th to 8th). After the announcement that MotoGP will be staging two appearances in Styria in 2021, the Red Bull Ring is now releasing the next batch of tickets for a spectacular motorsport event. With the “Michelin Grand Prix of […]

Versus / At the start of the seventh date, San Lorenzo and Santaní tied

Equality in the university city. At the start of the seventh chapter of the Intermediate Division, Sportivo San Lorenzo wasted the home and also wasted the great chance to put pressure on the other teams above. José Ayala was in charge of opening the scoring for the visiting credit, while Jesús Amarilla converted for the […]

MotoGP calendar 2021: Styria GP replaces KymiRing / MotoGP

In 2021, the motorcycle world championship will take place twice at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg: The Michelin® Grand Prix of Styria (August 6th to 8th) is a new addition to the calendar, while the Finnish GP will have to wait. FIM, IRTA and Dorna published a revised calendar on Friday morning: The corona […]

Sophie Marinova revealed that Lorenzo makes her … PHOTO

Sofi Marinova, who is currently participating in “Like Two Drops of Water”, and we recently saw her in “Rachkov’s Forbidden Show”, attracts attention with her personal confessions, which turn out to be no less curious than her stage performances, writes The Roma Lili Ivanova, as the singer has been called many times because of […]

The anecdotes of Di Santo when he played in Chelsea

After he found no place in Argentina and decided cross the Cordillera with just 13 years to try their luck in Chile, His good performance at Audax Italiano made powerful people from Europe like Real Madrid turn their eyes on him. Franco Di Santo was only 17 years old when Chelsea spent about $ 7,000,000 […]

MotoGP World Cup: no overseas races again except Qatar? / MotoGP

Australia closes itself off from the outside world until July, but it doesn’t look much better at the GP locations in Asia. Therefore, the teams are preparing for a World Cup in 2021 with two Qatar GPs and a European tour. Anyone who expected that the motorcycle.GP World Championship 2021 would no longer be affected […]

Fausto Gresini: On January 26th he believed he was recovered / MotoGP

On January 26th, Fausto Gresini sent a positive text message to Lucio Cecchinello. He said he was over the mountain. But the condition of the ex-world champion soon worsened dramatically. Fausto Gresini was admitted to hospital on December 27th because of his Covid-19 infection, where he spent weeks in an artificial coma and in intensive […]