Street vendors determine to keep working whether or not they possess a permit.

Street vendors continue to fight for permits and licenses, following Mayor Eric Adams’ announcement assigning the Department of Sanitation the task of evicting those who do not meet the requirements to sell on the streets. “We to the mayor is that they issue us permits and licenses for us to work with dignity or rather […]

Possible Funding Cuts for NYC Public Libraries Raises Concern

The many shelves full of books let you know that the place is a library. But many also come to the Queens Center Library for one of the many other programs available. “The library is the only place that offers all these programs free of charge, so it’s free,” said Manuel Figueroa, manager of training […]

New York poised to intensify efforts against illicit marijuana sales.

In New York City there are only a handful of dispensaries that have been licensed to sell marijuana, the recreational use of which has been legal in the state since 2021; however, thousands of shops and street stalls offer all kinds of cannabis-derived products. Now the authorities want to stifle this proliferation. To that end, […]

“Trump garners support by claiming opposition is blocking presidency bid”

Odulio González arrived early at court in Manhattan to support Donald Trump. Although he was not expected to be arrested on Tuesday, a small number of the ex-president’s supporters stood by. “What is happening is that they do not want him to be president and he is going to be president. Because the man controls, […]

Laws to prevent e-bike battery fires signed by the Mayor.

Lithium-ion battery explosions have quickly become the third leading cause of fires in New York City, according to the Fire Department. Faced with such danger, legislators took on the task of promoting urgent laws to educate, regulate and even prohibit the sale of uncertified or used batteries. “Today @NYCMayor signed our package of Lithium Ion […]

Two new shelters to be opened by the City for asylum seekers.

After being forcibly removed from the Watson Hotel in Manhattan in February, now hundreds of single men seeking asylum will have to move again as the shelter at the Brooklyn cruise terminal returns to regular seasonal operations. The announcement was made by Mayor Eric Adams, announcing that he is designating two new shelters for immigrants […]

Mayor advocates for ‘creativity’ to address the housing crisis

Before, this building at 160 Water Street was used for offices. Today a private company is working to convert the space into 588 apartments. Mayor Eric Adams believes such projects will help address homelessness. “The goal is to build low-income, mid-income, market-rate homes, and also insure for NYCHA. So it’s not a ‘one size fits […]

‘Let’s bring more money home’: Uber driver on new wages

From now on, Hugo Lapeyre will take home an extra $2.26 per ride working for companies like Uber and Lyft in the Big Apple. On Wednesday, the Taxi and Limousine Commission voted unanimously for the increase because 85% of drivers earned less than the New York minimum wage of $15 an hour. “Yes, it has […]