Mario’s pop-designed “Wireless Hori Pad for Nintendo Switch” Released-Dengeki Online

From Hori, peripherals for Nintendo Switch“Wireless Hori Pad for Nintendo Switch Super Mario Edition”Will be released in February. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included). A wireless controller equipped with an accelerometer / gyro sensor. You can play the game anywhere you like within the communication range. Equipped with an acceleration sensor / gyro sensor […]

“Utawarerumono Komoriuta for the Scattering People” Steam version for 3 languages ​​is on sale! –Dengeki Online

EXNOA will be held on January 22nd (Friday)“Utawarerumono Komoriuta to the Scattering Ones”We have released the Steam version for Japanese, English, and Chinese. The original release text is posted below. “Utawarerumono Komoriuta for the Scattering People” Today, the Steam version for three languages ​​is on sale from DMM GAMES! Godo KaishaDMM GAMES(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: […]

Introducing “Resident Evil Village” Ethan and Chris-Dengeki Online

The introduction story and characters of the latest “Resident Evil” series “Resident Evil Village” have been released with the latest screenshots. The original release text is posted below. “Resident Evil Village” announced to be released on Saturday, May 8th. In this report, we will deliver the introduction story, the characters that appeared, and screenshots of […]