Stage Madonna’s choreographer: Damien Jalet at a festival in Ludwigshafen

The Festival in the Palatinate Building in Ludwigshafen is once again celebrated this year. Highlights include the play “Sutra” by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and “Omphalos” by Damien Jalet. Both choreographers are among the best that contemporary dance currently has to offer. Damien Jalet was inspired by Mexican traditions for his dance evening “Omphalos”, “Navel of […]

Clinical trial achieves remission of diabetes with diet and exercise

A clinical trial has shown that a healthy diet and the practice of regular exercise are capable of the complete remission (disappearance of symptoms) of the type 2 diabetes, in just 12 months, in two thirds of the patients. It is fully demonstrated that a healthy diet, a lot of exercise and the loss of […]

Friday Magazine | “Nobody told me I had an anxiety disorder”

That model Kendall Jenner always under Panic attacks is known. But last Friday the 24-year-old was on the TV show “Good Morning America” more open than ever about theirs mental illness spoken. “I was very youngwhen I suddenly felt no longer breathe to be able to. I’ll be mine then Mom ran and told her […]