Non-vaccination was not the main reason for releasing actress Sigita Plavina from work at Liepaja Theater – Celebrities – – Entertainment

“I have been fired from the Liepāja Theater! Strange feelings after 29 years of service! But love remains in my heart …” Sigita Pļaviņa wrote on Facebook this week (the audience knows the actress better as Sigita Jevgļevska). The actress explained to the Liepāja newspaper “Kurzemes Vārds” that it happened due to vaccination, but the […]

Actress Sigita Plavina has been fired from the Liepaja Theater; the decision is explained by the theater manager

After almost 30 years of career, Liepāja Theater has ended its working relationship with the audience’s favorite actress Sigita Pļaviņa (formerly Jevgļevska). “I have been fired from the Liepaja Theater! Strange feelings after 29 years of service! But love remains in my heart… ”Sigita Pļaviņa told Facebook morning on Monday morning. Herberts Laukšteins, Chairman of […]

Finally a daughter! The fifth offspring of actor Edgars Pujāts has been born

Actor Edgars Pujāts announces that on the evening of July 15, his fifth child has been born. This time the actor has become the father of the long-awaited daughter. “Little amber people are surprised by a beautiful melody. They were chanted by Elodia Grace Puja, ”says the happy father about the birth of the daughter. […]

Conceptually confirms support for Liepaja Theater – Stage – Culture +

The aid would be applied on a similar basis as it is granted to public companies. The specific amount will be discussed in a working group set up in the ministry. Meanwhile, the creative team of Liepāja Theater has been sent on vacation. The actors say they are looking forward to the resumption of the […]

The future of Liepaja Theater is still uncertain

The troubled Liepaja Theater has received 250,000 euros from the municipality to eliminate the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. This means that the country’s oldest professional theater will be able to continue its work until the end of the year. Speaking about the future, the theater director says – the mood is gloomy. The Liepāja […]

Liepaja theater actor Gatis Maliks will become a father – Celebrities

The happy mother told the happy news on social networks, writing: “In the picture, the happy woman who was allowed to climb 30 meters above the ground to wholeheartedly enjoy the last working day before a long and beautiful vacation for three.” According to the couple’s published photos, the two have been together for about […]