Fer Dente first introduced her boyfriend on Pride Day | DailyShow

In 2018, Fernando Dente He told the world that he was gay and his life changed. “I always keep in my privacy who is going on or what is going on inside my four walls, and I will surely continue on that side because it is how I choose to live. But it is another […]

This was Andrea Legarreta’s emotional speech for Pride 2020

This was Andrea Legarreta’s emotional speech for Pride 2020 Andrea Legarreta She is always one of the women who most supports the LGBT community, and within the PRIDE 2020 the driver of the Today Program He saw a perfect opportunity to make a speech in favor of the rights of this group. In this sense, […]

There was agreement after the pride flag riots

The roundabout of Deodoro Roca street in Sarmiento Park yesterday was once again the place of conflict due to the gay pride flag that had been flying on the mast since Friday by a municipal disposition of the mayor on the occasion of the commemoration of the International Pride Day LGTBIQ + that Every June […]

After the controversy, the Municipality now placed the current LGBT flag

What would be a tribute to the municipality of Córdoba to diversity in the International Pride Day It ended with a national controversy that involved former Malvinas combatants, legislators, politicians, human rights organizations and users of social networks. But one detail did not go unnoticed: the flag that they placed at the beginning on the […]

Malvinas veterans returned this Sunday and tried to remove the LGBTIQ + flag

The Municipality of Córdoba decided to place this Friday on the main mast of the Sarmiento Park, an LGBTIQ + flag to mark the commemoration of the International Pride Day and as a tribute to the millions of people who throughout their lives were discriminated against and killed for their sexual orientation. The action generated […]

Ex-conductor of ‘Hoy’ shouts her love to the four winds for his girlfriend

Mexico.- The famous ex-conductor of the program TodayMaca Carriedo surprised her followers after posting a photo on Instagram with her pretty girlfriend on LGBT Pride Day, actress Paola Gómez. After the presenter of Televisa, who is openly lesbian, declared that she is very happy with her current partner, she was surprised to pose with her […]

Malvinas ex-combatants tried to lower the rainbow flag of the Sarmiento Park

For him International LGBT Pride Day, the Municipality of Córdoba on Friday placed a rainbow flag on the main mast of the Sarmiento Park, with the intention of leaving it there permanently. Following the official announcement, many internet users used social media to demonstrate for and against the initiative. This Saturday afternoon, two ex-combatants from […]

These songs will make you feel LGBT Pride

These songs will make you feel LGBT Pride The month of June is considered LGBT pride, and the world of show He knows how to do his part so that the community’s visibility is better, so here we will present you some songs to enjoy on the occasion of this pride month. There are both […]