1. FC Köln, Florian Wirtz: Probably the most expensive mistake in Bundesliga history

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Amon-Ra St. Brown receives praise after a strong performance

October 6, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. American Football : Amon-Ra St. Brown receives high praise from Lions Amon-Ra St. Brown plays with the Detroit Lions. Photo: imago images/Amy Lemus Leverkusen While the young wide receiver with roots in Leverkusen is convincing in the NFL, the prospects for his older brother Equanimeous St. Brown are difficult. […]

Rail traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia massively disrupted after flooding

The storm over North Rhine-Westphalia has now paralyzed rail traffic between many cities. The railway calls for trips to western Germany not to take place. Rail traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia is severely impaired by the floods and continuous rain. The railway called for trips to and from North Rhine-Westphalia to be postponed if possible. Due […]

Football Bundesliga on Saturday: six games, six heads

Berlin (dpa) – Four newcomers want to draw attention to themselves at the start of the season. In addition, coach Stefan Leitl is celebrating his debut in the Bundesliga, and Fabian Klos is back in Bielefeld despite some well-known newcomers: six games, six heads, which will have to be taken into account at the beginning […]

In Leverkusen, the consequences of the gigantic explosion are still worrying

Unfortunately, we believe that we will not find the missing alive, admitted Frank Hyldmar, boss of the Currenta group, two days later the gigantic explosion, heard more than 50 km away, which devastated its waste treatment plant, near Leverkusen, in the west of Germany. Cancers and malformations in newborns Five dead employees, two others missing […]

two dead, three missing and sixteen wounded

One tragedy after another. The damage count and the death toll from the catastrophic flood of July 15 have not yet concluded that a new disaster strikes North Rhine Westphalia: an explosion in the waste disposal plant of Leverkusen, in one of the largest chemical parks in Europe, which resulted in the death of at […]

Aránguiz und Palacios bei Copa América gleichauf

June 20, 2021 at 3:35 pm Tournament in Brazil : Aránguiz and Palacios at Copa América in lockstep Leverkusen’s Charles Aranguiz (left) in a duel with Bolivia’s Marcelo Martins. Photo: AP/Marcelo Hernandez Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen’s South Americans have a good chance of making it into the knockout round of the continental championship. While Charles Aránguiz […]

“Sport Bild”: Leverkusen interested in Ginter

RTL.de>news> Leverkusen (dpa) – Bayer Leverkusen should, according to information from “Sport Bild”, consider an obligation from national player Matthias Ginter. The Bundesliga team is “intensely” concerned with the defender, wrote the magazine in the Wednesday edition without any information from sources. The 27-year-old EM participant is still under contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach until 2022 […]