Leonid Kuchma: World War III begins if Ukrainians stop resisting

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma welcomed the war into his home – without leaving either Kyiv or Ukraine. As he himself says in his first and so far only interview with the BBC Ukrainian newsroom – like most civilians in my country, I was caught in the crossfire by the Russian full-scale invasion and “it […]

“Homeland in danger”. Gordon urged Zelensky to gather former presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, heads of special services and big business to discuss Russian aggression

“I don’t know with whom President Zelensky consulted when he received the news that [президент РФ Владимир] Putin recognized CADLO, “DNR” and “LNR” these. I think that from old memory – with [руководителем Офиса президента Андреем] Yermak and several of his associates, it is possible that with [народным депутатом от “Слуги народа”] Nikolai Tishchenko, my […]