I’m afraid Dada will die, Slováček despairs. He wants to strip her of her autonomy

Felix Slováček fears for the life of his wife Dagmar Patrasová. According to him, he should be deprived of autonomy. Otherwise, he is said to be in danger of losing his life. Actress and singer Dáda Patrasová and her husband Felix Slováček reportedly performed at a children’s event over the weekend. The little fans eventually […]

The storm between Krampol and Patras! Go to the room

“We have been friends all our lives and I am very sorry that this is how it turns out. She doesn’t want to admit that it got out of hand. “ you complained Jiří Krampol (73) for CNN Prima News, which knows very well what not only it is going through, but also its surroundings. […]