Salah Al-Kurdi was honored in Dubai for this reason

The Kaiel International Festival, in its tenth session in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, honored the artist Salah Al-Kurdi for his work in writing, composing and singing. Salah sang to the audience, with his voice, the song “Ya You Think, Ya You Feel”, which was composed by the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab for the series […]

Special and video- Who are the female artists that Fares Karam describes as “rockets”? Are there differences with Rotana? Will he perform a concert in Saudi Arabia?

The “Art” website conducted an interesting interview with the Lebanese singer Fares Karam, in which we discussed a number of issues, including his new songs, which he recently released, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Ya Dani, Rocket and Dawa al-Ahmar”, and their hierarchy for him, and the artists he says are “rockets”, and the extent of He was […]

The arrest of Diaa and Mustafa Qaraali, who insulted the security forces and Bkerki

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities in the caretaker government, Bassam Mawlawi, wrote in a tweet via his Twitter account: “In order to preserve the prestige of the state, and to prevent any attack on the spiritual references and security elements, the Information Division, in Batroun, arrested Diaa and Mustafa Qaraali, who were exposed today. […]

With names.. 5 famous types of chocolate that pose a danger to health, what are they?

If you think having a piece of dark chocolate is the healthiest option, think again because a recent Consumer Report (CR) study showed that these candy bars can actually expose their consumers to harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium. According to the American network “CNBC” and the translation of “Lebanon 24”, “This study tested 28 […]

I will call the session of the government, and I will not ask who is absent or present, and an advance cannot be given to the electricity of Lebanon except by decree

Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed, in an interview with the newspaper “An-Nahar”, that “there is no possibility of anticipating Lebanon’s electricity except with a decree of the Council of Ministers, and it is not possible act contrary to the provisions of the Public Accounting Law. Therefore, a meeting of the Council of Ministers will […]