More than useful.. What happens to the body if you eat a cup of cinnamon daily?

Cinnamon is a spice made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It is one of the common spices used in preparing many dishes in the kitchen, from main courses to desserts and even some drinks. Cinnamon is divided into two types: Cassia: also called “regular” cinnamon, which is the most common variety, and […]

Oweidat has evidence incriminating Al-Bitar and Lebanon received estimates of the presence of 4.4 billion cubic feet of gas in Block 9

Al-Akhbar newspaper, quoting judicial references, referred to “indications of the withdrawal of the “international cover” that has accompanied Judge Tariq al-Bitar since he received the file. Some outsiders no longer see anything in his work that helps this file reach its conclusions. The same applies to forces.” She is prominent in the March 14 team […]

A fire in Gansu Dere’s house, and this is what happened

A fire broke out last night in the house of international actress Jansu Dire, after she was hospitalized last week due to food poisoning. Cansu Dere was hospitalized when she suddenly fell ill at the airport while she was about to go to Spain to receive an honorary award from a festival.This time, a fire […]

We deplore the great international silence on Israel’s crimes

The Secretary-General of the “Union” Party, MP Hassan Murad, considered that “one of God’s blessings upon our nation and our steadfast people in Palestine and with it its honorable resistance is that our enemy, who occupies our land, repeats the ball every time, aggressing and massacring youth, women and children, without realizing that heroism is […]

Conviction of the perpetrator of an attack in the name of ISIS in New York

A federal jury in Manhattan has indicted Saifullah Saipov, the Uzbek extremist who ran over eight cyclists and pedestrians in New York in 2017 in the name of the Islamic State. The man, who has been on trial since January 9, was convicted of 28 charges, including eight related to “murder with the aim of […]

An exact copy..John Legend shares his first photo of his newborn

International star John Legend was keen to share with his followers a picture that he had collected with his newborn. John Legend captioned the photo, “Our new love.”John Legend and international supermodel Chrissy Teigen welcomed their new baby last Friday, and because of his excitement and joy at the new event, Legend announced the happy […]

Maher Jah is the guest of Mona Abu Hamzah soon.. and these are the details!

Lebanese artist Maher Jah filmed a new episode of “Hadith Al-Balad”, which will be shown tomorrow, Friday, January 27, on the MTV screen, presented by the media, Mona Abu Hamza. It is worth noting that Maher Jah recently released a song in the Lebanese dialect titled “Ghairak Shab” from his lyrics and music, distributed by […]