British police officer admits to committing 24 rapes

A police officer still on duty in London has admitted to committing 24 rapes in abuses over nearly two decades against women, making him one of Britain’s most numerous sex offenders. The Metropolitan Police and the British Public Prosecution Service said David Carrick, 48, had used his position to control his victims, intimidating them and […]

Let’s be one hand in sit-down Wednesday

The formal education associations (secondary, basic and vocational) called in a statement, “teachers and teachers in all education sectors, to participate in the sit-in in conjunction with the cabinet session at 10:00 a.m. next Wednesday, where basic items will be discussed that excluded the educational crisis that secondary schools are going through.” technical institutes and […]

How to use your phone to find hidden cameras

Tell me – Many hotel guests are concerned that their rooms may have hidden cameras to spy on them, and fortunately, a smartphone can be used to detect these cameras. If a camera wants to capture motion or take pictures in low-light or dark rooms, it usually uses infrared (IR) light, which the human eye […]

Big Sam presents his latest song, Ya Baghia

The artist, Big Sam, released his latest song, “Ya Baghia”, in the form of a video clip, through his official YouTube channel. Followers interacted with the song and shared clips of it on their own pages, expressing their admiration for it.The lyrics say: winter winterBe patient, we will meet himwait to meet himAnd wait for […]

An American lottery ticket wins $1.35 billion and was sold in Lebanon

The grand prize winning ticket in the United States amounted to 1.35 billion dollars, and was sold in Lebanon in the American rural town of Maine. It is a single ticket, and the second largest jackpot in US history. The ticket price is $2 and its numbers match all six winning numbers. The owner of […]

The Minister of Labor sponsored job description workshops for the Education Technology Syndicate

The Minister of Labor in the caretaker government, Mustafa Bayram, sponsored a workshop describing the profession of education technology “in a promising national precedent,” as he indicated in his speech Bayram during honoring and distributing certificates of participation to the educational and technological experts who participated in the study of the descriptions, and delved into […]

Ruby presents the promotional song for the group of moms movie

The Egyptian actress, Ruby, released the first promo of the promotional song for her new movie, “Group Al Mamiz”, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas starting next February 1, as the song bears the name “My Life”, while it will be released in full next Wednesday at 7:00 pm, via Her official YouTube […]