How to make corn in a dry context without giving up the best seed distribution

In this campaign it will be essential to obtain the best quality in late sowing in less time with greater work efficiency, which will be achievable with the right technology. We are facing a much more defensive strategy campaign, where the search for the greatest possible potential must be redirected and oriented towards production without […]

In southern Ukraine, the occupiers are offered surrender money

Photo: screenshot The Russians were offered to make money with technology The first mobilized Russian began to surrender to the defense forces with the help of the I want to live project. In southern Ukraine, a generous offer was made to the invaders. Namely, having surrendered with military equipment on the territory of the Kherson […]

Air traffic controllers return from strike after salary agreement

France’s main air traffic controllers union announced on Wednesday 21 September 2022 after revoking the three-day strike notice at the end of September after finding an agreement with his supervisory ministry on salaries and hiring. “Departure wall” “End conciliation to the ministry: finally the agreement, the SNCTA revokes the notice”, wrote in a short message […]

The Krefeld Theater shows a killer musical based on the Guinness movie classic

September 20, 2022 at 5:25 am Next first in Krefeld : The tenor dies eight times in the musical – Barely recognizable: Markus Heinrich (front) plays eight relatives of the British upper class, including a lady. In “Love, Murder and the Duties of the Nobility” all are eliminated. Photo: Matthias Stutte – – Crefeld The […]

4 greens that strengthen liver health and fitness … never give up!

The liver is an important organ with various features, this kind of as facilitating foods digestion and fat burning capacity, storing nutritional vitamins and minerals, cleaning the blood of poisons and manufacturing proteins. Though the liver has a distinctive ability to regenerate following hurt, some dietary choices can have an affect on it. There are […]

For healthy nails and hair: really don’t give up on these foodstuff!

Nail breakage and hair decline are evidence of a deficiency in specific nutritional vitamins, so diet is an critical way to compensate for this deficiency and preserve and strengthen the wellbeing of your hair and nails. Hair and nails are made of keratin, a powerful protein that is the major component of the pores and […]

Matías Pellegrini is also shifting and will signal for New York Town

The synergies of the teams managed by the new possession, this sort of as Inter Miami (Mas), Lens and Padova Calcio (Oughourlian) and Millonarios de Bogotá (Serpa, with each other with Oughourlian himself) can enable in the signings, as very well as Atlético de Madrid, the closest club and vital in the system of getting […]