Are the French ready for further restrictions?

BRAKE – While the Head of State is due to speak on Monday July 12 and Olivier Véran is already announcing 20,000 contaminations per day at the beginning of August, could we go back, what is more in the middle of summer? V. F – 2021-07-12T00:05:00.000+02:00 Have you gone back to the terrace for lunch […]

Optical care: the mixed results of “100% health”

2021-07-09T20:19:58.000+02:00 With presbyopia that has worsened, I have to change glasses. To limit costs, I look for the famous “100% health” offers with “zero remainder”, impossible to find in the window. We shot my fittings on a hidden camera. In this national brand, models from major brands are offered to me. Good for my face, […]

Hundreds of young people gathered for an outdoor party under the Sully bridge

2021-07-04T20:08:48.000+02:00 In the heart of Paris, under the Pont de Sully near the Bastille, at least a hundred young people are partying without masks or any health precautions. These festivals, free, have so far mainly taken place in Île-de-France. Most of the participants are very young. Covid is not yet ancient history. Only some are […]

Discover, in 3D, what will the office of the future look like?

2021-07-04T20:16:17.000+02:00 Everything will move easily, the partitions, the air purifiers above. At the end of the day, offices and spaces will be automatically disinfected. Inside the premises, the doors will open automatically, and voice control will become the standard, particularly for the coffee machine and for adjusting the intensity of the light. Outdoor spaces will […]

VIDEO – Policewoman attacked: barricaded for hours, the inhabitants of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre tell their anguish

ATTACK – The inhabitants of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique) had to barricade themselves during a three-hour chase between the police and a schizophrenic, who seriously injured a policewoman on Friday. Léa LUCAS with TF1 – 2021-05-28T22:01:06.427+02:00 A man armed with a knife attacked a municipal policewoman this Friday morning in the town of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique). […]

United States: the return of the zombie cicadas

2021-05-22T20:24:10.000+02:00 In the United States where they live, these cicadas follow a rhythm dictated by nature. And for them, the hour of liberation is coming. They will come out and climb on anything that is vertical. It can be a tree, a house, or even a person. Then, they will trigger their noisy bacchanalia, sometimes […]

Coronavirus: looks like a dead city in New York

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Electricity bills: nothing to pay!

What if cooking, washing or heating costs you absolutely nothing and even earns you a little money at the end of the year? In Strasbourg, this dream has come true for the tenants of a so-called positive energy building. 2021-05-01T20: 30: 55.000 + 02: 00 Running your washing machine, turning on the heating, listening to […]

Hospital dismantled: recycling on all floors

2021-04-17T20: 25: 46.000 + 02: 00 In recovery paradise, you can find mountains of radiators, hundreds of lights, or even glass wool and toilets. These objects are much cheaper, and for good reason, the furniture and materials are taken a few meters from a site. Eighteen people work in this place for a selective deconstruction. […]

Suez Canal blocked: alternative routes to connect Asia and Europe

2021-03-28T19: 15: 10.000 + 02: 00 “The usual route is 21 days of navigation, from the China Sea to the North Atlantic. But they go through the Suez Canal which is blocked by a ship across. Suddenly, the boats are forced to bypass Africa and descend to the Cape of Good Hope. The advantage is […]