Environmentalists for gender equality

Do you know Amandine Zidane? No, of course. “It is the name of an imaginary footballer who could quite be real if public policies further supported women’s sport”, reveals Fatma Adda this Monday, March 8 in the morning a few steps from the Lycée du Garros. And more precisely at the end of rue Darwin […]

In Manciet donate blood in the Gers region

When you donate blood to Manciet, which is offered three or four times a year, you can usually expect to taste garbure, as well as wonders, made by Alberte Lapart. With the health crisis, the garbure is no longer relevant, but the wonders are still there. Created in the 1980s by the director of the […]

Are you ready to splash around this summer?

Last year, some were already ready, their boats from previous years still able to sail on the waters of the Baïse requiring only a simple check. Other amateurs had planned new boats, they will have had time to refine them since at the beginning of June, the bad news had fallen … into the water! […]

The Vic-Fezensac voluntary blood donation association is reforming

Saturday morning, conference room of the town hall, Marie-Chantal Roumat, president of the departmental union of associations for voluntary blood donation of the Gers, had organized a meeting to revive the friendly blood donation in Vic, dormant for 2 years. A call for volunteers was launched during the collection in December. Marie-Chantal Roumat was accompanied […]

Blood donation: exemption from the curfew

In Occitania and throughout France, it is possible to donate blood, even after 6 p.m. All you have to do is check the box “Assistance to vulnerable persons” on the certificate derogating from the curfew. Reminder of the collection centers for the month of January: Eauze– Multipurpose room January 21 from 11 a.m. to 5.30 […]

New blood drive in Éauze (updated on 15.01.2021)

Amicale Elusa for voluntary blood donation and the French Blood Establishment (EFS) are organizing a new blood drive on Friday January 21, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the multipurpose hall. The Amicale reminds volunteer donors to bring their identity card. In addition, given the curfew, people likely to leave the collection after […]

France has one more millionaire

There is at least one Frenchwoman who will be able to spend in the most complete joy, an exceptional New Year’s Eve with all her family, however large she may be, even if it means crossing the border. It is the winner of the Euromillion who wins the pot at stake this Friday, December 11. […]

A miniature train museum?

A devouring passion but above all requiring a maximum of space. Joël Rigaud, president of Aubiet Modélisme, is a model railroader. With the volunteers of his association, in a room of 60 m², the former school of Lussan, he goes up a network of trains. After two years, after long hours of work, they got […]