Dramas, science fiction and detective Monday night …

Dramas, detective and science fiction on the schedule for your Monday evening. On France 5, at 8:50 p.m. , the grand prize of the 1998 Cannes festival, Oscar and César for best foreign film, Oscar for best actor, Life is Beautiful by Roberto Bénigni with Roberto Benigni Deported to a concentration camp Guido makes his […]

Drama, comedy, science fiction and animated film Tuesday night …

Drama, comedy, science fiction and animated film: there’s something for everyone on Tuesday night. On Canal Plus, at 9:10 p.m., The things we say, the things we do by Emmanuel Mouret with Camelia Jordana, Emilie Dequenne and Vincent Macaigne (2020) An injured man and a pregnant woman get to know each other. Each one undertakes […]

Work is health. As long as you keep in shape!

It was not until this crisis that we understood how essential it is to be concerned about the well-being of each person in the context of their work. Double benefit: that of contributing to the quality of life of each employee and long-term gain in efficiency and productivity. Because yes, Lapalisse could not have said […]

boost from the region for the nursing home

The permanent commission of last April chaired by the president of the Region Carole Delga allocated aid for the nursing home Dr proximity for health Forced, after the retirement of two general practitioners, to go to the medical offices of the surrounding municipalities, the Risclois often travel more than 10 kilometers for a simple appointment […]

The Rendez-Vous du Pays d’Art et d’histoire resume

The guided tours offered by the Country and History of Grand Auch resume, as of Monday, May 3, with many themes on the program. In order to guarantee the safety of all, the visits will take place exclusively in the open air. The gauges will always be extremely limited. Reservations are therefore strongly recommended. Unmissable […]

inequality: education in the rural world at risk

The trade union organizations CGT educ’action 32, FNEC FP FO 32, FSU 32, Sud education 32 and SE-UNSA 32, united as an inter-union, demand sufficient resources for our department, and oppose the deterioration of study conditions. students and working conditions of teaching and non-teaching staff. The inter-union spoke at a press point led by Betty […]

Sud Solidaires and CGT reject unemployment insurance reform

They were about fifty Wednesday March 23 in the morning in front of the premises of Pôle emploi, for others a hundred, whatever that saddens Jean-Louis and Angel among others who ask themselves the question “but where are the unemployed while this demonstration them particularly concerns since the reform of unemployment insurance will lower their […]

The Amicale de Condom for voluntary blood donation: a very positive result

The general assemblyAmicale de Condom for voluntary blood donation took place in person. Lilou Patelli, president, Eliane Lhari Deranlot, treasurer, Fabienne Rouilhes, secretary, and Nicole Hari Trzmielewski attended while Josette Pecabin, Annie Gaiotti and Graziella Vicentini apologized for their absence. Thanks to its very important effort in the field of communication, theAmicale de Condom for […]