SBU detained “saboteurs” who coordinated the movement of a crowd of migrants from Belarus

“The security forces have worked out algorithms for joint actions in case of possible attempts to” break through “illegal immigrants. To identify and fix the relevant offenses, the participants in the training operation used the latest technical means, including unmanned aerial vehicles,” the message says. It is noted that during the exercise, the SBU special […]

Possible cause of emergency at a mine in the Russian Federation named

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia The accident killed 51 people The accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine could have happened due to a sudden explosion of methane, law enforcement officials say. A possible cause of the explosion at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo region of Russia is a sudden release of methane. On Saturday, November 27, […]

The head of the President’s Office, Yermak, will be interrogated because of the failure of the special operation to detain the Wagnerites – acting heads of the RR

“We will summon Mr. Yermak for interrogation for several days. Why are we not doing this today? Because we expect certain information from our colleagues from law enforcement agencies in the coming days. And we will invite Mr. Yermak for interrogation,” he said. Sukhachev. The host of the program Natalya Moseichuk asked the acting. of […]

Migrants punctured a Polish policeman’s helmet

Polish security forces repulsed another attack of migrants at the border Several hundred migrants tried to break through the border into Poland, throwing stones at law enforcement officers. Several hundred illegal migrants tried to break through from the territory of Belarus to Poland – they threw stones at Polish law enforcement officers, one of them […]

Ecuador Prison Riot Kills Dozens of Prisoners

Photo: Second riot in 1.5 months in Guayaquil prison The riot began as a result of clashes between rival gangs. The unrest was stopped by law enforcement officers. In the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, inmates of one of the largest penitentiary institutions in the country started a riot, which killed at least 58 people. […]

Brexit riots in Northern Ireland

Photo: Riots in Belfast Protesters fired firecrackers in the direction of the police. They damaged three cars of law enforcement officers. There are no casualties. In the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, there were riots and clashes with the police dissatisfied with the part of the Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland. As a result, […]

171 people entered the Ukrainian register of pedophiles

Photo: When creating and launching the register, the experience of other states was studied Access to the registry will be open to all law enforcement officers. While he is working in test mode. In Ukraine, the register of pedophiles was launched and started to fill. To date, the list includes the data of 171 […]

Bow attack in Norway: new details

The Norwegian police revealed new details of the attack with a bow The attacker lost his bow and arrows, and committed the murders with two knives, law enforcement officials believe. In Norway, the police rejected the previous hypothesis that during the attack in Kongsberg used a bow and arrow. About it informs NRK broadcaster on […]

Policemen attacked with a pitchfork near Kiev

Photo: Near Kiev, a man attacked police officers with a pitchfork A drunk man rushed with a pitchfork at the law enforcement officers – they managed to stop him only with a warning shot in the air. A resident of the Fastovsky district of the Kiev region rushed at the police with a pitchfork. […]