Watch the video.. Samer Al-Masry duet with Latifa

The Syrian artist performed Samer Al-Masry, A spontaneous duet with the Tunisian artist Latifa, in their meeting on the sidelines of the “joy awards 2023” ceremony. In the details, Latifa, the artist, Samer Al-Masry, participated in singing “Regain Ya Hawa”, by the able Lebanese artist, Fayrouz, in a spontaneous manner and a distinguished performance for […]

A new collaboration between Latifa and Ziad Al-Rahbani, as she reveals the details

Tunisian singer Latifa has announced a new collaboration that will bring her together with artist and composer Ziad Rahbani, describing him as “genius”, and noted that she is completing a new album composed by Rahbani. In a telephone interview within the “Nujoom” program, broadcast on “Mosaique FM”, Latifa said that four songs have been recorded […]