Lillini: ‘We were tactically right against America’

From the hand of Andrés Lillini, Pumas ended the hegemony of America in a Final Phase. The university students showed character and conviction, to win at the Eagles’ home and this did not leave more than immense happiness in their coach. The Argentine strategist highlighted the union that his group showed and the mettle they […]

‘America wanted to play with the results that benefited it’

For Juan Ignacio Dinenno, Pumas deserved the pass to the Semifinal, since he considered that the university students were superior to the America throughout the series, since they bet on the advantage that gave them advance with the tie. “I think that the 180 minutes we were superior to the rival, especially in the attitude […]

‘Concentrate and enjoy, the key to Pumas against America’

The last time Pumas managed to eliminate America a Liguilla, it was in the Semifinal of the Tournament Opening 2015, and Eduardo Herrera He was the protagonist of that moment, as he was the author of one of the goals (4-3 global), for which he assured that on that occasion, the key to beating the […]

‘I don’t like this America’

A Mario Carrillo placeholder image does not like America from Santiago Solari. And it is that after the Eagles tied at zero with Pumas In the first leg of the Quarterfinals, the coach Blue Cream Champion in 2005 told RECORD that the game that Coapa played in CU does not correspond to what America is, […]

Find equipment for Nico Castillo; Necaxa is the first option

In a month the loan of Nicolas Castillo with the youth from brazil, a team that will not request a contract extension and the Chilean will have to return to America where they are already busy looking for accommodation in another team being the Necaxa the first option that arises in the local market. The […]

‘The Cup is never touched before’

Santiago Solari He was portrayed superstitious as well as many personalities within soccer. The strategist of America He will not touch the cup even if it is in the photo, at least while the title reached his record when he managed to be crowned with the Eagles. “The Cup is not played before, that is […]

America, the team that fared best against the rest of qualified

It is always said that League It is another tournament different from the Regular PhaseHowever, the immediate reference to each clash is the duel they had during the season, where America confirms because he was the leader of the competition, the Eagles did not lose any game with the other 7 classified to this instance, […]

Unlike Peru with Aquino, Uruguay and Paraguay declined calls in El Nido

Little has been possible to speak of the sensitivity and consciousness that existed in the Paraguay national teams and Uruguay, teams that requested in America a Richard Sanchez and Sebastian Cáceres for the last Date FIFAHowever, the Azulcrema directive reported that both players were recovering from muscle discomfort, so the countries declined the request knowing […]

Pedro Aquino worsened from his injury after the game with Peru

The anger in Coapa for the injury of Pedro Aquino and the studies confirmed that the footballer’s injury worsened. The Andean footballer’s relapse was worse than the original state of annoyance, the midfielder from America not only returned to Nest hurt, but instead did it with more serious damage that will have it out of […]