July 20 Incident: History of the First Human Landing on the Moon, Here’s the Journey

Merdeka.com – As is known, humans continue to develop science and technology for an increasingly advanced and better world life. That way, humans can create various kinds of useful innovations to help work and solve problems that are often encountered in everyday life. Not only that, the development of science and technology is also carried […]

Billionaire Branson and his ship successfully returned from a test flight, it is said to have reached the limits of space – ČT24 – Czech Television

Hundreds of spectators at the base cheered after landing, Branson hurried to his family, hugged his wife and children, and took three grandchildren in his arms. “It’s a life experience,” the entrepreneur praised after returning to Spaceport America. “I’ve been dreaming about this since childhood, but nothing could prepare me to look at Earth from […]

In our plane with the burning engine: heard “Boom!” and smelled of smoke

About five minutes after taking off, something like a “boom” was heard on the plane. The cabin begins to smell of smoke. After landing, the flight attendants talked to my colleagues and told them about the engine problem. They calmed them down. This was said by the representative of the police union Italy Celere Andrea […]

Man’s First Landing on a False Moon? Conspiracy Theorists Doubt NASA Records

SEMARANGKU – Theorist conspiracy dubious recording NASA which shows landing the first man on the moon in 1969. Reported from Express June 23, 2021, the authenticity of the recording NASA Where is the astronaut asked? Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. Great achievement NASA it is questioned by many […]

Russian strategic bombers were deployed to Syria for the first time

Photo: PAO Tupolev Tu-22M3 At the Khmeimim airbase, the reconstruction of the second runway has been completed. All types of Russian military aircraft can now fly from there. Three long-range Tu-22m3 bombers flew to Syria. The basing of aircraft of this type at the Khmeimim airfield is carried out for the first time, writes European […]