The Sunny star on a trip: Marek Lambora no longer hides his love with Bezděková

The star actor from Slunečná went on a trip with his new girlfriend. Marek Lambora and Andrea Bezděková definitely do not hide their love, even though they initially tried to do so. From the picture they published on social networks, he directly sprays love. In particular, after all her love adventures, the model is glad […]

Eva Burešová works one hundred percent: She was stopped by a health problem

The dark-haired beauty Eva Burešová is currently one of the busiest actresses in Czech show business. As she admits, she is a workaholic, so she is satisfied with the excess of job offers. However, this is also related to stress, which can have a great impact on health. Last year, for example, the actress’ body […]

Eva Burešová is crazy: What is her recipe for success?

He coincides with Týna, the main character of the Slunečná series, in the iceberg. “We have a similar wardrobe, we are both workaholics, but we have a family in the first place,” she told in an interview Burešová. Playing an ordinary village girl is not a problem for her. The familiar voice has a […]