ARMY Protests Weverse Doesn’t Send Purchased Items After Membership Ends

JOGLOSEMAR NEWS – ARMY and weaver seems to be fighting again. Recently ARMY report weaver Shop to the authorities. This comes after a series of problems with ARMY MEMBERSHIP: MERCH PACK. In 2020, weaver selling this merchandise package for 175,000 KRW (approximately IDR 2,150,522.42). Also Read: Jimin BTS Wants This Song To Be The Opening […]

Bentley, Porsche, to Maserati, these are the car choices for Korean artists

loading… The singer and Korean drama star UI chooses a Porsche Cayenne as his daily ride. Photo: ist SEOUL – Being a global artist is definitely surrounded by treasures. A luxurious lifestyle has become an unavoidable path. Likewise Korean artists, who are often adored by their fans who are spread all over the world. The […]

Confirmed! Youngjae GOT7 signs with a new agency Sublime Artist Agency.

Youngjae GOT7 has officially signed with their new agency Sublime Artist Agency. Youngjae (Youngjae) After it was reported that the two members GOT7 Is Youngjae (Youngjae) and Jackson In negotiations with the camp. Sublime Artist Agency A comprehensive entertainment company that maintains a wide variety of famous stars and artists. Which last way Sublime Artist […]

GOT7 shared a letter to ‘Akase’ after waving goodbye to JYP Entertainment.

GOT7 posted a letter to their fans. On the last day of her contract with JYP Entertainment. GOT7 Today (19 January 2021) 7 young boy band members GOT7 Consisted of Mark (Mark), JB (JB), Jackson (Jackson), Jinyoung (Jinyoung), Youngjae (Youngjae), Yugyeom (Yugyeom). and Bambam or Kan Pimuk Phuwakun Have posted pictures on Instagram It is […]

‘IU-BTS’ won a grand prize! Winners of the 35th Golden Disc Awards

It has passed beautifully with the award ceremony of the Korean music industry. Golden Disc Awards Division 35 Held both days (9 and 10 January 2021) divided into the first day of the event will be the award announcement in the field of digital music, the second day will be the award announcement of the […]