First performance of “Welttheater Mozart” in Krefeld heals corona blues

November 12, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Celebrated world premiere at Theater Krefeld : Mozart heilt Corona-Blues – Goddess Fortuna (Boshana Milkov) first teaches Amor (Robin Grunwald) – here in human form – the ABCs. Photo: Matthias Stutte – – Krefeld Francois De Carpentries and Karine Van Hercke have made a mix of rarely played arias, […]

“I learned to love Brittany”: Karine Ferri found her balance in Morbihan

Karine Ferri publishes this week his book A life in balance (Robert Laffont editions, € 19.90). A television host, but also a mother, wife and lover of nature, in this very illustrated book she tells her daily life, reveals her advice, tips and good addresses. The emblematic figure of TF1 had to to dedicate his […]