‘United for music’ and for solidarity with those most in need

Oxfam Intermón predicts that economic crisis derived from the coronavius ​​pandemic will add a million more poor people in Spain. Almost 80% of these are in a situation of extreme poverty, survive with less than 480 euros per month. These are some of the data from Oxfam’s international report, entitled ‘The virus of inequality’. Jerez […]

Seven new lawyers join the Jerez Bar Association

Federico Fernandez, dean of Jerez Bar Association, on December 22 presided over the act of swearing / promising of new lawyers who become part of an institution with more than 260 years of history, as highlighted by the dean in his words of welcome. Federico Fernandez, who was accompanied in the presidency of this solemn […]

Sacred flowers from Jerez to Melbourne

Álvaro Flores is a creator. With his hands he makes wonderful tattoos for which there is a waiting list of up to one year. He has lived in Melbourne for more than a decade, where he came from the Jerez neighborhood of Juan XXIII. He arrived wanting to firmly learn English, following the recommendation of […]