Seventeen national goals? Doll, Grumpy and now Schick

Patrik Schick with his goal and assistance took part in the Czech footballers’ 2-0 victory over Belarus in the qualification for the World Cup. The 25-year-old striker managed to reach Antonín Panenka and Tomáš Skuhravý in the 17th national team goal, which he respects. He was also praised by coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, according to whom […]

Spooky intervention. This is not red, Lineker says. It goes against the flow again

Gary Lineker is starting to revel in controversial statements. The legendary English striker was astonished this time when he wrote on social networks that Swedish defender Marcus Danielson should not have been disqualified in the eighth finals of the Euro football for a terrifying intervention against Artyom Besedin. The northern quarterback played the ball in […]

The best match of his career, said Šilhavý. And Holes? This is something unreal

Jaroslav Šilhavý considers the winning round of the European Championship against the Netherlands to be the best match of his coaching career. It warmed his heart when his charges were applauded by his charges after a 2-0 victory at a crowded stadium in Budapest. He praised the performances of goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík and defensive universal […]