Without even cracking a joke, Urgant schools patriotic artists.

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Urgant in the Russian Federation was recognized as an agent of foreign influence. The showman, in response, called the initiators a five-letter word and wrote what kind of anthem they need.

The meeting of the commission took place on 3 August. Video recording published on the YouTube channel of the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, who chaired the group meeting. In addition to Urgant, agents of foreign influence were namedDirector of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin, Russian group “Bi-2” and head of the Russian propaganda “Channel One” […]

Urgant and Khamatova were told good news

Khamatova, Urgant and Galkin’s property will not be seized, no matter how much Ivan Sukharev would like. Scandalous stars have nothing to fear if they have enough money for fines. Even if the facts of non-payment of taxes are established, neither Chulpan Khamatova nor the rest of the disgraced artists will be left without their […]

a well-known journalist blabbed the secret of the hiding Urgant

“Vanya has a big safety cushion, because there are a lot of people abroad who are opposed to the Russians, and if he goes somewhere to rest, he needs security guarantees. If he loudly advertises his performances, then questions will arise for him. If Urgant had children under a different surname and no one knew […]

the escape of Urgant and other stars explained the famous actor

The People’s Artist of Russia understands the motivation of actors, singers and TV presenters who have exchanged spectators and their homeland for foreign shores. Andrei Sokolov does not want to name Pugachev, Urgant, Galkin and other runaway stars by the name – he just notices an unpleasant trend. In an interview with a YouTube channel […]

Urgant notably flew in from the angry Keosayan

Tigran Keosayan showed his true attitude towards the unemployed Ivan Urgant. It seems that the actor hates the TV presenter with every fiber of his soul. If the Evening Urgant program is nevertheless returned to the blue screens, this will be a real blow for Keosayan. According to the famous actor, Channel One will make […]

Kushanashvili revealed the miserable income of Kudryavtseva

One of the most beautiful and successful Russian presenters receives pennies for her work on NTV. While Ivan Urgant, working on Channel One, bought hundreds of millions of rubles worth of real estate alone. The infamous journalist Otar Kushanashvili did not name specific amounts, but noted that neither Lera Kudryavtseva herself nor her Secret for […]

announced the fate of the disgraced Urgant in Israel

Ivan Urgant will not die of boredom in warm Israel. Music producer Sergei Lavrov I found the TV presenter at least three classes that the showman would like. In conversation with the portal BLITZ+ Lavrov suggested that Urgant could well perform on stage as a musician and vocalist. The famous TV presenter is also good […]

Krasko sided with Urgant

– Before that, Tamara Syomina walked through the TV presenter. – People’s Artist of Russia Ivan Krasko spoke warmly about the showman Ivan Urgant. He said that he grew up before his eyes. Artists call each other grandfather and grandson. “Vanya was read the right books as a child, so he grew up as an […]

Anton Bogdanov presented “Yolki-8” with Buzova, Kirkorov and Urgant

New Year’s comedy loved by many “Fir-trees” again at the box office. The eighth part of the picture was shot by the actor and director Anton Bogdanov, known to many for his role as Antoha in Real Boys. In the new “Fir-trees”, old acquaintances – Borya and Zhenya – will return to the screens, and […]