The end of IBOR – what will change for the financial industry?

How can the transformation process succeed? Dr. Lars A. Ludwig has been an expert in business software in the finance sector and a managing director for more than 25 years Targens. With his passion for innovation and organizational development, he was awarded the highest German IT award in 2011 "CIO of the year “. He […]

How financial institutions can differentiate themselves today

Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw ” data-image-headline=” Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw ” data-image-copyright=” “> Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw The financial sector has undergone significant changes in the past few years. As new players, […]

Artificial intelligence is bypassing bank customers

Dr. Werner Steck, partner at Senacor ” data-image-headline=” Dr. Werner Steck, partner at Senacor ” data-image-copyright=” “> Dr. Werner Steck, partner at Senacor “With artificial intelligence, you can create aha effects and surprise customers,” says Dr. Werner Steck, partner at Senacor. “It is easy for people to get excited about something that they have never seen […]

CRM and BI: a promising partnership

From business intelligence to marketing intelligence In order to ultimately contact customers in a targeted manner, cross-channel marketing is used. Companies try to reach consumers through multiple touchpoints along their entire customer journey. Social networks, email targeting, websites or smartphone apps are just a few examples of these so-called points of contact that allow companies […]

Bringing digital transformation on track with new data backup

© momius – Fotolia Many companies want to be more data-driven and want to invest in their cloud strategy. These trends accelerated in 2020, as did the use of collaboration tools to enable remote working. This is not only related to the Covid-19 pandemic. These shifts started before that and will continue after the crisis […]

“There is no getting around cloud solutions in banking”

© Brian Sarubbi @Pixabay In the last year, many banks have managed to change processes quickly and smoothly and to adapt them to the new circumstances. Projects in the area of ​​business continuity management (BCM), which the supervisory authorities had repeatedly warned for other reasons, have proven themselves in the current emergency. How is your […]

Banking trends 2021 – from the perspective of an asset management company

Theses classified according to the probability of occurrence © iXimus @Pixabay Positive outlook – thesis No. 1: Gigantic Russian aid package As the whole world looks at the stalled negotiations between Democrats and Republicans over the US aid package, Russia is creating facts. Russia is benefiting from its low national debt, which at the end […]

Blockchain: solution to rising account management fees?

Which horse does the race? The internationally coveted speaker, David Glades, who is known as a blockchain visionary, supports as a mentor with his expertise and foresight in the field of crypto and blockchain technologies everyone who would like to use this topic for themselves to build wealth. In addition, he is also available as […]

How Coya wants to make insurance more digital

Andrew Shaw, Coya Founder and CEO ” data-image-headline=” Andrew Shaw, Coya Founder and CEO ” data-image-copyright=”© Norman Posselt “> Andrew Shaw, Coya founder and CEO © Norman Posselt Which target groups are your offers aimed at in particular? Andrew Shaw: We have two target groups in particular: On the one hand, the so-called Urban Millennials, […]

With digital knowledge to analog assets

Win customers through funnel marketing Of course, you want to bring your knowledge, which you have digitized in refined form, to the people. A marketing strategy that has worked for me and for many other entrepreneurs is funnel marketing. By making an unobtrusive post in social media or online communities, you first draw attention to […]