Industrial groups are said to have avoided billions in payments

IAccording to a report by the news magazine Der Spiegel, industrial groups in Germany are said to have bypassed the EEG surcharge for green electricity funding for years and thus not paid billions to the state. The other electricity customers, who would have had to pay correspondingly higher contributions, are the ones to suffer, writes […]

The shareholder may send video snippets

WSince the corona pandemic is taking longer than originally expected, the shareholders’ meetings will probably only be held virtually in this year as well: Since a purely online general meeting is not actually provided for in the law, the federal government has the corona exception regulations for the general meetings in Germany Large companies extended […]

Bayer pays plaintiffs in the US 1.35 billion

IThe German pharmaceutical company pays the dispute over the Essure contraceptive Bayer Plaintiffs in the United States converted 1.35 billion euros. This would settle around 90 percent of the nearly 39,000 filed or planned lawsuits, Bayer said on Thursday in Leverkusen. The $ 1.6 billion includes a flat rate for claims for which no settlement […]

Lawyers continue to fight despite glyphosate comparison

In the settlement negotiations, did Bayer capitalize on the fact that due to the corona crisis, there are currently hardly any lawsuits with juries in America? Image: EPA Bayer announced a comparison this week of its herbicide glyphosate. It’s about just under $ 11 billion. Critics doubt that that’s enough. BAyer announced a nearly $ […]

Gladbach wants to keep Bayer at a distance

EFourth day before the end in fourth place, the premier class in their own hands, but Bayer Leverkusen in the neck of a million dollar race: The situation seems familiar to the Borussia Mönchengladbach pros. Unlike in the previous year, the brilliant starting position should not lead to another horror scenario. Coach Marco Rose has […]

Bayer employee in China fired for quarantine violation

I.n China is doing well for Bayer. “Super job!”, A user of the short message service Weibo praises the German pharmaceutical company. “The next time I need something, I will buy your product,” writes another. And the Beijing police on their Weibo channel advise: “Do the same as Bayer.” In this case, doing it like […]

Bayer is approaching glyphosate agreement

Kenneth Feinberg is still covered. The Washington star lawyer, who acts as a mediator in the legal disputes surrounding the weed killer glyphosate, told the FAZ at the weekend that it was “premature” to speak of an agreement between Bayer and plaintiffs’ lawyers, and described a corresponding report by the “Wall Street Journal” as “ridiculous”. […]