Sandiaga Uno: Support the Creative Economy by Shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021 – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin, invited all levels of society to participate in advancing Indonesia’s creative economy industry. For example, by buying a local Indonesian brand. “Let’s continue to support Indonesia’s creative economy. Yes, by shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021,” he said in a virtual conference for […]

May 2021, Clubhouse Comes to Android? – Currently Clubhouse is still only available exclusively for iOS devices and the only way to join is from an invite shared by other users. But now there is good news for Android users, where Clubhouse is scheduled to launch on Android in May 2021. According to a tweet from Mopewa, a developer for […]

hippie commune, new love, music and distance with his biological mother

Paris Jackson was just 11 years old when her father Michael Jackson died of painkiller-induced cardiac arrest in 2009. Such pain at such a young age left after-effects that soon manifested addictions, episodes of self-harm and suicide attempt. But today the life of Paris, what just turned 23 years old, had a radical change. After […]

Poland has a record daily mortality from COVID-19

Coronavirus mortality record beaten in Poland – – More than 650 Poles have died from the coronavirus in a day – the country’s population is 38 million. In Poland, the maximum number of patients with COVID-19 has died per day since the beginning of the pandemic. This was reported by the country’s Ministry of Health […]

James Bluemel’s documentary about the Iraq war at Arte

Stille can be disarming. When Rudy Reyes, former Marine Recon in the American Army, whose special unit prepared the invasion of Iraq in 2003, is asked if he thinks his mission, which he later reenacted in the HBO series “Generation Kill”, was, Seen as a whole, well worth it, he replies curtly: “Yes, it did.” […]

NSIA Assurances Guinea launches insurance underwriting on WhatsApp with SONOYA

(NSIA) – NSIA Assurances is launching in Guinea a new distribution channel for its automobile and travel insurance products called NSIA SONOYA available on WhatsApp. By using messages to subscribe on NSIA SONOYA, subscribers will have their insurance contracts delivered directly to them. Beyond this advantage, NSIA Assurances Guinea also intends with SONOYA to speed […]

Indonesian church bombing: perpetrators dead and 20 injured | NOW

At least twenty people were injured on Sunday in an explosion near a church in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up, reports the chief secretary of security. President Joko Widodo condemned the “terrorist act” and said the government wants to ensure that people can practice their faith without fear. […]

Humanoid robot Digit became autonomous

Фото: Agility Robotics Digit is now offline – – Now he independently maps the environment and walks along a given route, avoiding obstacles on the way. Agility Robotics has unveiled an improved version of its Digit humanoid robot. He was taught to work autonomously, according to the company’s YouTube video. Now he independently maps the […]

Why is it important to know the Ntotal and NO3 data?

Sebastian asks: Dear Gustavo. I ask you some questions: 1) In a soil analysis, what use is the data for Ntotal and NO3 (only, not N-NO3)? How can I transform them into something that works for me? 2) In Vertisols from Entre Ríos, it is said that there is a response to N because even […]