In the aftermath of mass demonstrations, Iran examines mandatory hijab rules

Tehran – Parliament and judicial authorities Iran he is allegedly reviewing a law requiring the country’s women to wear the hijab in public. revision mandatory hijab rules this was revealed by Iran’s attorney general almost simultaneously with the announcement of the dissolution moral police. As reported Cnn And AFP extensionOn Monday (5/12/2022), Iranian Attorney General […]

Protests Continue to Expand, Iran Dissolves Moral Police!

Tehran – Authority Iran melt moral police after the protests sparked by the dead Mahsa Amini it has continued to expand over the past couple of months. The disbandment of the morality police was announced by Iran’s attorney general in a statement on Sunday (4/12) local time. As reported AFP extension And Cnnon Monday (5/12/2022), […]

Iran officially dissolves the moral police

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Government Iran disband units moral police after more than two months of protests over the arrest Mahsa Amini who are considered inappropriately dressed. Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said the morality police were disbanded because they had nothing to do with justice. “The moral police have nothing to do with the […]

Protests break out in Iran over the death of a woman arrested for clothing problems

TEHRAN, – A woman Iran he died after being arrested by the Iranian “moral police” for allegedly disobeying the country’s dress code. After his death a series of protests erupted in Iran Mahsa Amini (22), who died in hospital three days after being arrested and reportedly beaten by police in Tehran. Mahsa Amini, 22, […]