Data protection activists urge authorities to shut down their fan pages

Facebook users Facebook is supposed to be deliberately polarizing in order to generate more advertising revenue through more clicks. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin After the revelations about Facebook’s business practices, the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, Ulrich Kelber, asked the federal government and the highest federal authorities to shut down their Facebook fan pages. “The latest […]

Science & Technology: Ebay Classified Ads Verifies Cell Phone Numbers

Ebay classifieds verified cell phone numbers Better safe than sorry: sooner or later, all users of Ebay classified ads will have to provide a telephone number and have it verified. Photo: Catherine Waibel / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) The aim is to increase security on the portal and, last but not least, have an eye on […]

Lessons from the pandemic: digital beats gut feeling

Enrico Kürtös The times when real estate marketing functioned as a pure “people’s business” are over, says the CEO of Inreal and FlatyFind. Quelle: Inreal Technologies The real estate industry was and is often referred to as “people’s business”. You won’t get very far without interpersonal contact, according to the subtext, which sometimes has negative […]

US attorneys at law call for Instagram for kids

San Francisco The attorneys at law from 44 states and territories in the US have Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg asked in an open letter to drop his plans for an “Instagram for Kids”. The world’s largest social network, which also owns the photo platform Instagram, is currently working on a version for children under the age […]

In times of corona, more gaming and social media use

The children and adolescents spent almost two hours on weekdays before Corona on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or other platforms. That increased to more than three hours a day during the initial lockdown with closed schools in April 2020. In autumn, when schools were mostly open, but the leisure activities were still severely limited, use fell […]

Auxmoney loan platform wins new investment partners

CFO Daniel Drummer, CEO Raffael Johnen and COO Arie Wilder (from left) CEO Johnen had already admitted last year that the growth targets for 2020 could not be achieved. (Photo: Auxmoney) Berlin The Auxmoney credit platform is gearing up for further growth. Auxmoney receives from Citigroup and Chenavari Investment Partners, according to information from the […]

Data published by 533 million users

Facebook-Logo More than half a billion users from 106 countries are affected by the leak. (Photo: Reuters) New York The personal data of more than half a billion Facebook-Users were posted on Saturday. The data breach affected 533 million users from 106 countries worldwide – 32 million of them from the USA, eleven million from […]

Citizens chase vaccination doses on social networks

San Francisco There are reports that shock citizens in times of a pandemic: In the US state of Massachusetts, 1200 vaccine doses were thrown away at the beginning of the year because people did not show up for their vaccination appointments. A community in rural Missouri had to dispose of 143 unused vaccine doses for […]

Twitter CEO Sells NFT His First Tweet For Millions Of Dollars

Twitter-CEO Jack Dorsey Dorsey donated the majority of the auction proceeds to an aid organization – in Bitcoin. (Photo: Reuters) San Francisco TwitterCEO Jack Dorsey auctioned a digital version of his first tweet for $ 2.9 million. The tweet “just setting up my twttr” from March 2006 was from Sina Estavi, head of the Bridge […]

Donald Trump is building his own platform after being kicked out of Twitter

Donald Trump Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter since January. (Photo: AP) Washington Ex-US President Donald Trump plans, according to an advisor, after his suspension Twitter, Facebook and other Internet services its own platform. Trump will return to social media with his own new platform in two to three months, adviser Jason Miller told […]