American fires so intense their smoke reaches Europe

Since it began its satellite observations in 2003, the European Copernicus climate change service had never recorded data of such magnitude concerning the fires that ravage the American West. The activity of these fires ” unprecedented “ is, according to the organization, “Tens to hundreds of times more intense” than the average. Unprecedented amounts of […]

Coronavirus. The vaccine race under intense pressure

Clinical trials of experimental anti-Covid-19 vaccine d’AstraZeneca are temporarily suspended since Tuesday, September 8 in the evening. A British participant in the phase III trials of the world’s most advanced vaccine project (according to the WHO) contracted an unexplained illness. An inflammatory syndrome affecting the spinal cord, it is believed to know the New York […]

An intense solar storm could hit Earth and cut communication

The authorities of the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States warned about the arrival of a storm solar that may affect digital communication systems such as television signals and cell phones. Satellite systems and even power grids could also stop working. They indicated that planet Earth will absorb the strong […]