How to Change the Rear Tires of Electric Motors Installed Dynamo

The electric motor is generally mounted on the drive dynamo right on the rear wheel. So there is no chain or belt that binds to be able to turn the rear wheels like scooters or motorbikes in general. Therefore, there is a slight difference in how to remove the rear wheel on an electric motorbike. […]

LG’s electric car battery project in Indonesia is in danger of stagnating

In a Hearing Meeting with Commission VII DPR RI which was broadcast online, on Monday 6 February 2023. Main Director of MIND ID Hendi Prio Santoso said. The project to remove nickel ore to the development of electric car batteries by LG Energy Solution, together with the Indonesian state-owned holding company Battery Corporation, is in […]

The Reasons Why the Air EV Can Become the Best-Selling Electric Car in 2022

At only five months old, Wuling Air EV has succeeded in becoming the best-selling electric car in Indonesia. At least, throughout 2022. Practically, these results also beat the Hyundai Ioniq 5, to other hybrid product lines. Such as the Ertiga Hybrid to the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. Responding to this, Dian Asmahani as Brand & […]

Support discontinued, Windows 7 and Windows 8 officially retired

As of Tuesday, January 10, 2023, support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is officially discontinued, The two operating systems can still be used, but they will be more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats because they no longer have adequate protection. #Windows7 #Windows8.1 #Pensiun #Shorts #KompasTekno #Indonesia ———————- Come on, follow the social networks of KompasTekno: […]

How much is the original price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4?

When assembling the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung relies on components made in its own country, i.e. South Korea, with up to 50%. As for the production price, Samsung is estimated to need around Rp. 10.4 million capital to assemble a piece for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. #Samsung #GalaxyZFold4 #SamsungGalaxyZFold4 #KompasTekno #Indonesia ———————- Come […]

Scientists revive 13 ancient viruses from the frozen lands of Siberia!

Scientists have revived a number of ancient viruses that have been locked away deep in the Siberian permafrost since the Ice Age. While the search is considered risky, according to the team, it poses a noteworthy threat given the growing dangers of melting permafrost and climate change. In a new paper that has not yet […]

Official! Apple launches Iphone 14

Right after a extended wait around, Apple has at last officially launched the Apple iphone 14 line consisting of the “typical” Apple iphone 14, Apple iphone 14 Additionally, Iphone 14 Pro and Apple iphone 14 Pro Max. Like the Iphone 13, the 4 variants of the Iphone 14 also attribute 5G connectivity and eSIM assistance. […]

Class 10 High school physics Material Odd semester The nature of physics

EDUCATIONBORNEO, PONTIANAK – Friends educators, refer to the discussion of the high school physics lesson of the odd semester of Class 10 in the textbook of Physics Chapter 1 the nature of physics and the scientific method. The nature of physics Science is knowledge that studies natural phenomena through observation, experiment and analysis. Science is […]