How to Read the ICU Monitor in the Hospital

How to Read the ICU Monitor in the Hospital How to read the ICU monitor is very important for us to know as knowledge when looking after sick people. Here are some indicators you need to know. 1. ECG Strips, Respiratory Waveforms, and Sp02 . Waveforms – ECG Strips: The purpose of ECG Strips is […]

First Aid If You Get Malaria, Know the Symptoms

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Malaria is an infectious disease that can be transmitted through mosquito bites. Sufferers will complain of symptoms of fever and chills. The number of malaria sufferers in Indonesia tends to decrease, but some areas in eastern Indonesia still suffer from malaria. Malaria disease can recover completely if treated properly. However, if not […]

Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics, Leads to Antimicrobial Resistance

JAKARTA – The discovery of antibiotics in the mid-20th century has brought major changes to the management and therapy of bacterial infections. The use of antibiotics can help cure infections, and since then antibiotics have become a cure for millions of people. However, the inappropriate use of antibiotics in various sectors can cause antimicrobial resistance […]

Viral Doctors ‘Craft Last Minute Scenes’ of COVID-19 Patients Before Death

Jakarta – Viral their doctor scene last minute COVID-19 patients before passing away. In a video, it is depicted that a COVID-19 patient is critically ill against Corona in the ICU. Quoted from Daily Star, Dr. Kenneth Remy’s ICU doctor appears to be wearing a complete PPE ready to intubate a critical COVID-19 patient. This […]

Alert! As great as Germany is, its RS capacity is full

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Germany was seen as a beacon for other European countries during the coronavirus (Covid-19) wave and was hailed as one of the countries with the world’s best health care system. But that was before the pandemic, now that Germany appears to be struggling with a coronavirus infection that is more severe […]

Hospitalized in ICU and Half Aware, Female Patient Raped by Hospital Staff. Page all

GURUGRAM, – A patient woman presumed raped by the officer hospital while undergoing treatment tuberculosis ( TB) of India. The 21-year-old victim has been treated for several days at Hospital Fortis in Gurugram City, India, as quoted from Daily Mail, Friday (30/10/2020). She was allegedly sexually assaulted while in a “semi-conscious” state and using […]

Refusing to Wear Masks and Questioning Covid-19, This Pastor is Treated in the ICU

COEUR D’ALENE, – One pastor in Idaho, USA, which refuses to wear face mask and question Covid-19 reported being treated at ICU (intensive care room). Paul van Noy, Senior Pastor at Candlelight Church in Coeur d’Alene has spent two weeks being treated for symptoms corona virus. After he was diagnosed this September, his church […]