Horror: Russian horror developer ILL has released a chilling video

Artist Maxim Verekhintaking part in develop horror ILL as part of a team Influence gamesposted a short video on his YouTube channel, which, presumably, could be related to a future project. A short film called Chimes shows a character hiding in a room where a very creepy looking woman with a bell peeks out. For […]

Sci-Fi Horror Masterpiece ‘Calisto Protocol’ Receives Mostly Negative Reviews On Day 1 Of Steam Plagued By Frame Drop Problem | 4Gamers

Led by Glen Schofield, the co-producer of ‘Different Dimensions’, the 3A horror action survival game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ (The Callisto Protocol; Callisto Protocol) created by Striking Distance Studio was officially launched today (2) , although it was highly anticipated by the players in advance, but it was reflected in the Steam comments on the first […]

SCP-3008’s new horror work “The Store is Closed” Receives a Letter from a Lawyer for Doing Too Much Like IKEA | 4Gamers

Inspired by the “endless furniture hypermarket” in the well-known SCP-3008 file, the new multiplayer cooperative horror game “The Store is Closed” developed by the independent team Ziggy is here. Kickstarter After raising more than $ 50,000, according to the expectations of the gaming community, developer Jacob Shaw received a letter from a lawyer from Swedish […]

Critically Acclaimed Horror Masterpiece “Dark Forest” Is Free For A Limited Time And Epic Will Release “Fallout 3” Next Week | 4Gamers

In addition to “ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!” Announced last week, this week’s free limited-time Epic Games event also featured the highly rated horror masterpiece “Dark Forest”, which can be permanently saved to the Collection library. “Darkwood” (Darkwood), launched by Acid Wizard Studio in 2017, is a horror game in its own right […]