Kolář showed a kiks, but thanks to Schranz’s hat-trick, Slavia won again

The footballers of Prague’s Slavia won the prelude to the 2nd round of the first league in Teplice 3: 1. The defending champions also won the second match of the new season, extended the invincibility in the highest competition to 48 matches and successfully tuned in to Wednesday’s opening duel of the 3rd preliminary round […]

The best match of his career, said Šilhavý. And Holes? This is something unreal

Jaroslav Šilhavý considers the winning round of the European Championship against the Netherlands to be the best match of his coaching career. It warmed his heart when his charges were applauded by his charges after a 2-0 victory at a crowded stadium in Budapest. He praised the performances of goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík and defensive universal […]