Benefits of Nutmeg, Apparently Can Help Lose Weight – All Pages

Thinkstock Nutmeg powder can help you lose weight. – Since ancient times, nutmeg has been used for medicinal purposes. And when it comes to the gut, this spice is all it takes to keep it in tip-top shape. That means digestion and metabolism will also run well. Everything put together will lead to weight […]

Brake stitch: how to recognize it and what helps – knowledge

Brakes are usually stubborn and stick to the skin when they sting a person. Photo: imago images / blickwinkel / F. Hecker via A brake stitch is often very painful. Especially in summer, the insects are on the move and suck blood from their victims. In the article we explain how to recognize a […]

Ophthalmologist warned about the danger of home eye drops

Homemade drops can be dangerous due to the risk of infection and allergies. Tatiana Shilova, ophthalmic surgeon, professor, doctor of medical sciences, told Zvezda about this in a commentary. “At the very least, they (drops. – Ed. Approx.) Can be infected, since we create these drops in non-sterile conditions and apply to the ocular surface, […]

Learn how to make Camburian tea and take advantage of its benefits

Tea is a hundred percent natural food with many health properties. By: Agencies 01:30 PM / 28/06/2020 In addition to its delicious flavor, teas and infusions are mainly known for the nutrients they provide to the body, which is why many people have incorporated it into their daily routine. Now, imagine being able to prepare […]

Home Remedies Sunburn • These tricks soothe the skin!

Home remedies for sunburn quickly soothe damaged skin. They should act quickly, cool and soothe the skin. But some harm more than that they are useful. Which home remedies do sunburn experts recommend and which should you not use? Author: Monika Preuk, medical author Last update: May 19, 2020 sources Jahn, R .: Children heal […]

Hydroxychloroquine – a possible cure for the coronavirus – coronavirus –

29.03.2020 21:09 (Act. 29.03.2020 21:13) A cancer drug is also “very promising”. © APA – EPA – Steffen Schmidt Pharmaceutical giant Novartis has high hopes for the malaria drug. The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has high hopes in the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in the search for a cure for the coronavirus. “Preclinical studies with animals […]

Tea to strengthen the defenses

Tea to strengthen the defenses | Unsplash Tea to strengthen the defenses. If lately you notice that your system needs reinforcements to feel 100 in your daily work, pay close attention to the following home remedy. The reality is that during this quarantine everyone wants to feel strong, and one of the ways to achieve […]