The story of the Struma Motorway, which caused the accident with 45 victims

The fatal section of the Struma Motorway, which caused a severe accident with 45 victims – between Daskalovo and Dolna Dikanya, does not have the status of a highway. It turns out that for almost 15 years the route has been without Act 16 and is a first-class road. “Struma” is a highway in the […]

Women skip cancer screenings during pandemic | Forward Valley

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – The COVID-19 pandemic increased the doubt among women to attend their routine and potentially life-saving cancer screenings, but a recent survey indicates intent to “go back to their appointments.” The Prevent Cancer Foundation published a survey conducted in August 2021 of 2,003 women and persons assigned women at birth between the ages […]

Nikolay Nankov: We left them everything ready, we left them money, they failed

Nikolai Nankov The deadline we had set for the completion of the entire Hemus highway – 2024 – was completely realistic and legal. Not what suggestions Radev’s government makes in an effort to justify its helplessness. It is also not true that the builder is anonymous and the quality will be guaranteed low. The contractor […]