“It has a duration of 5 months”

This Wednesday the emergency use of the CanSino COVID-19 vaccine that requires only one dose. In this regard, director of the Institute of Public Health (ISP), Heriberto García, indicated in CNN Chile that this process was carried out with 10 votes in favor, 2 against and one abstention. Regarding the votes against, these “have to […]

Piñera signed an agreement for 1.8 million CanSino vaccines

President Sebastian Piñera announced this Tuesday of the signing of an agreement for 1.8 million vaccines made by the Chinese pharmaceutical CanSino Biologics. The president explained that, so far, the country has received more than 13.2 vaccines and there are agreements for a total of 35 million during 2021. “That will allow us to vaccinate […]

Study reveals COVID-19 vaccines that protect pregnant and lactating women

(CNN) – Vaccines Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna against COVID-19 are effective in pregnant and lactating women, who can transmit protective antibodies to their newborns, according to research published in the journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Ragon Institute at MGH, MIT, and […]

Violent clashes in Paraguay over the management of COVID-19

Paraguay has experienced a night of violent clashes in the framework of protests against the management of the coronavirus crisis. The clashes, registered in front of the Congress, in the center of Asunción, left at least a score of wounded, a dozen of them policemen. The officers fired rubber pellets and used tear gas and […]

New York restaurant uses celebrity wax figures to fill empty chairs

(EFE) – The restaurant Peter Luger of New York, these days have wax figures from the renowned museum Madame Tussauds to fill some of their empty chairs, since the premises of the city can still only operate at 35% of their maximum capacity. Among the celebrities who accompany diners are the iconic Audrey Hepburn and […]

A home health brigade treats COVID patients in marginalized areas of Jalisco

Families like Fatima Castañeda’s, living in poverty, have to deal with COVID-19 alone. To avoid that, a medical brigade from the Mexican state of Jalisco comes to offer them home care. The 16-year-old girl contacted them concerned about the symptoms of her relatives. “Right now my mother is seriously ill and my brother is also. […]

Netflix, video games and Facebook, the distraction of Mexico with covid-19

This week Disney + reached 90 million subscribers worldwide, a figure it predicted to reach in 2024; and Mexico was one of the countries that paid the most to achieve these results with 10 million subscriptions. The participation of Mexicans in the global results of the streaming It is no coincidence, because according to the […]