Vaccinations in practices possible for almost everyone in the future – SWR news

In general practitioners’ practices in Baden-Württemberg, the prioritization for all vaccines is canceled. The regulation takes effect from Monday. The Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed this to the SWR on Tuesday evening. The prioritization for all corona vaccines should be lifted in general practitioners’ practices in Baden-Württemberg. The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Baden-Württemberg … Read more

Baden-Württemberg regulates the distribution of vaccines – SWR Aktuell

Social Minister Manfred Lucha and the heads of the central vaccination centers have agreed on a fair distribution of corona vaccines. First of all, densely populated districts are to be supplied. The Ministry of Social Affairs announced on Monday that districts in which vaccination rates are still comparatively low should also be given preference. The … Read more

Doctors criticize vaccine waste – SWR news

More and more people are eligible to vaccinate, but are not given an appointment. Doctors criticize that the corona vaccine doses could be used more efficiently. However, the legal situation is unclear. Many doctors in Baden-Württemberg complain that they do not use the existing doses efficiently with the corona vaccination. “We waste thousands of vaccine … Read more

Many companies in Rhineland-Palatinate ready for corona vaccinations – SWR Aktuell

From June, company doctors should also take part in the corona vaccinations. According to the IHK, many companies in Rhineland-Palatinate are already prepared for this. It should not only be possible to vaccinate people against Covid-19 in vaccination centers and medical practices. The company doctors should also intervene in the vaccination process by June 7th … Read more

Authority stops the sale of corona globules in Koblenz pharmacy – SWR Aktuell

A Koblenz pharmacy has called the supervisory authority into action with homeopathic beads against Corona. The sale was banned. The pharmacist said she had used leftovers from vaccination doses at a vaccination center. The product was “blocked” as a precaution, announced the Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Supply as the pharmacy supervisor … Read more

Reasons for spring fatigue and how to combat it – SWR knowledge

Many feel tired and in a bad mood in the spring. Science has its sights set on the notorious spring fatigue. Good news: Lots of light and movement in the fresh air can solve the problem. Download audio (2.5 MB | MP3) There are hardly any studies on spring fatigue, and the data are thin. … Read more