Doctor’s message goes viral

A call for solidarity posted Wednesday evening on Twitter by a doctor from Montérégie has now gone viral on the web. Dr. Chantal Vallée, head of the specialized medicine department at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital in Greenfield Park, turned to social media to report on the situation. “I am on guard at the COVID unit, since […]

Paschalis trial in Wuppertal: “Lack of willingness to educate”

November 22, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. District Court Wuppertal : Paschalis process: “Lack of willingness to enlighten” Panagiotis Paschalis (right) with his lawyer. Photo: Mikko Schümmelfeder Wuppertal Was there actually “an injustice agreement between the city authorities and the auditing office” in matters of ASS, as ex-department head Panagiotis Paschalis said on December 15, 2018 […]

A T-Rex at auction in New York, estimated between 6 and 8 million dollars

One of the most complete T-Rex specimens in the world will be auctioned at a sale organized by Christie’s on October 6 in New York, and could break the record in the matter. Seven to eight tons during his lifetime, 4 meters high, 12 long, Stan is a worthy representative of the queen species of […]