The International Monetary Fund talks about rebalancing the US economy

The International Monetary Fund said that the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates to restore price stability and achieve balance in the labor market, but what happened is that the supply of new jobs exceeds the number of workers available in the United States, as the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in more […]

George Wassouf Plays Songs of Warda and the Nightingale in “Betkalam Ali”

Unleash the Sultan of Ecstasy George Wasouf His new song is called “Betkalam Ali” written by the Egyptian poet Amir TuaimaIt was composed by Lebanese singer Ziad Bourji, distributed by Zaher Deeb and produced by Rudolf Jabr. The song was shot as a video clip in Lebanon, signed by director Elie Al-Samaan. The idea of […]

O Dob, we join and greet him • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documents a new appearance of “Ibrahim Abdullah”, the brother of the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah. He said he is a fan of Abdul Majeed Abdullah and one of his students, noting that he admires all of his songs, because he has a high sense, and deals with high-class poets and […]

Occupier urges mother not to believe Russian propaganda – wiretapping

Photo: Destroyed military equipment of the Russian army – – The warrior says they have to fight over old rusty gear from the 50s-60s release and rarely see a new one. The main intelligence directorate has published a conversation between a Russian soldier and his mother, in which he explains that the Kremlin propaganda […]