Coronavirus. Private guards want to verbalize

Emmanuel Coutadeur, director of the Garderie de France (1), don’t take it easy. He wrote to Emmanuel Macron and to all the deputies to let him know. “Individual game wardens and game wardens were not authorized to report infractions related to the state of health emergency. We were ignored “, he insists. Municipal police and […]

Searching for the guards who disappeared at sea with the drone!

The incident occurred in the Berdan River in the Kul neighborhood of Tarsus at 06.30. District Police Department staff Omar Özer and Oktay Avci, who allegedly poured into the sea Berdan River, the boat was opened to the sea for fishing. Friends waiting on the shore, the duo reported the situation to the police for […]

Two mortars explode near US embassy in Baghdad

For now, the source of the attack has not been identified and there is no indication of the damage caused by the blasts that occurred in an area where US military forces are stationed. The US embassy in Baghdad awaits the arrival of several hundred troops who have been deployed to protect its foreign office […]