Kremlin denies Lukashenko’s request to Putin for arms supplies :: Politics :: RBK

The President of Belarus did not ask for the supply of new Russian weapons, Peskov said. Earlier, Lukashenka himself stated his request, noting that “recent events show that it is necessary to defend the interests of both Belarusians and Russians more courageously” Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin (Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did […]

“Leave! Freedom!” one hundred thousand people demonstrated against Lukashenko in Minsk

According to news agencies in central Minsk, more than 100,000 protesters demanded the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. Authorities called on participants to break up and warned against using force if they disobeyed. Police and military units were concentrated in the area, but did not intervene. Protests also took place in Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk and […]

Lukashenka offered Macron to mediate between him and the “yellow vests” :: Politics :: RBC

Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to the Dzerzhinsky agricultural plant (Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko offered French President Emmanuel Macron to mediate between him and the “yellow vests.” This is how the president reacted to Macron’s offer to mediate between Lukashenka and the protesters. Video performance publishes Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, […]

If Belarus breaks up, Grodno should go to Poland

“It is quite obvious that Grodno should go to Poland in the event of the break-up of Belarus. PiS knows it, but is afraid to say” – wrote Sommer on Twitter. In his next entry, the journalist stated that in Belarus “they replace the Tsar with Lenin”. Sommer demands that Prime Minister Morawiecki distances himself […]