Without even cracking a joke, Urgant schools patriotic artists.

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Prigogine shed light on Leps’ vile act

Singer Valeria, humiliated and insulted by Sergei Shnurov, hoped for the support of Grigory Leps, but the position of the drinker himself turned out to be closer to the author of songs about a glass, other women and life in London. The killer sided with Sergei Shnurov, who disappointed his ex-girlfriend. Indignant Giuseppe Prigogine told […]

in the topic of the reunion of Leps with his wife, an end is put

“All these young women who want to get his attention, it’s all emotions. He is a smart man, he understands everything perfectly. Under this young one will have to re-adjust, listen to her nonsense. And with his wife, they lived together for so many years, grew together in souls. Leps is not an easy man, […]

Baskov publicly exposed himself on Channel One

45-year-old Nikolai Baskov spoke about his leisure. In his free time from touring, the “natural blond” has quite a lot of fun. It turned out that the artist often visits karaoke, where he sings other people’s songs. For some reason, he does not favor his own hits. In show «Tonight“On Channel One, Baskov admitted whose […]

the doctor spoke about the consequences (video)

Grigory Leps, wanting to show everyone what form he is in, made a 60-kilometer walk in eight hours. This act of a doctor Alexey Khukhrev called thoughtless and even dangerous to health. In conversation with the portal BLITZ.center the doctor explained that for 60 years, such loads can literally grind the artist’s joints to powder. […]

Grigory Leps: Alla Pugacheva will return home, she will work and do it well

“Alla Pugacheva – a great woman and a great artist, I do not believe that she has emigrated. Maybe the person is just resting. He will return home soon, like many others, and will work, will work well, ”says Leps. The singer thinks that Alla does not deserve the criticism he faces after leaving his […]

Leps let slip about Pugacheva’s plans to move again

Grigory Leps lost his temper when he heard another question from a journalist at a conference about the emigration of Alla Pugacheva and her alleged betrayal of her homeland. The singer did not hide his obvious irritation and clearly explained his position. According to the celebrity, Primadonna and Maxim Galkin will not stay in Israel […]

Baranovskaya responded to rumors about an affair with Leps

Larisa Grechikhina Earlier, singer Milena Deinega spoke about the possible connection between the TV presenter and the artist. Julia Baranovskaya. Photo: Global Look Press – At the end of December Grigory Leps divorced Anna Shaplykova. Their union was not saved either by 20 years lived together, or by three children together. According to rumors, the […]