Sasho Kadiev at the sea with his ex and current girlfriend (Photos)

– – Sasho with his girlfriend Ivelina, his ex-wife Tanya and his daughter Katie (from left to right) together at the sea – The popular actor and TV presenter Alexander Kadiev showed that he has a wonderful relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tanya Toncheva. This is the mother of his only child – the girl Cathy. […]

HAPPY NINETY! Bohdalová (90) with a friend in Crete

Although the actress does not despise luxury resorts with their own beaches and other conveniences, she will always find her way to the simple fishing village of Myrtos. While her daughter Simona Stašová (66) she burns for life for Italy, she even bought an Italian father for her older son Mark (35), her mother loves […]

Unbearable Meghan Markle: Prince Harry’s friends have embarked on the Duchess

Meghan Markle does not seem to be popular with her beloved husband’s friends. Robert Lacey, author of The War of the Brothers, said the Duke of Sussex’s friends could not stand the former American actress. They even claim to be the epitome of a nightmare! It has long been clear that Prince Harry and Meghan […]

This “friend” of Brodská whistled: Tereza cut her off!

The girlfriend of the star overshot the Sun after she wrote her really special comments on the pictures. Everyone has a certain opinion on certain things, but sometimes it is really amazing what some people can get out of their mouths, or as in this case write on a social network. – – “Girlfriend: You […]

meet, congratulations from his girlfriend and friend?

Mario Casas (35) it recently accomplished it 35 years, and to celebrate it, nothing better than sharing a nice photo of you on Instagram. It’s typical, you might say, but a pose by our Mario is always a joy. Share one a day! Do not worry because you are going to see it, but first […]