Vojta Kotek went out with a new girlfriend, he met at the premiere…

Favorite actor Vojta Kotek has been in love with his charming partner Radana for over a year. However, the couple is very guarding of privacy, so he officially introduced his love to the company only at the ceremonial premiere of the film Bethlehem Light. They were first seen last year in sports during March. A […]

The most spectacular SEK missions in retrospect

February 28, 2022 at 5:10 am Review in Mönchengladbach : Those were the most spectacular SEK missions – In 2013, on Carl-Schurz-Strasse, a man who owned a samurai sword threatened to throw himself off the roof after an argument with his girlfriend. Photo: Theo Titz / Titz, Theo (titz) – – Mönchengladbach Organized crime, hostage-taking, […]

The idyll is over: Jakub Prachař and his girlfriend are facing again…

Jakub Prachar and Sara Sandeva Source: Profimedia – – When Sara Sandeva went on vacation to exotic Mexico a few days ago without her partner Jakub Prachar, many immediately began speculating that their relationship would not be crushed. Fortunately, the actor and moderator joined his love and her family, albeit a few days later. Apparently […]

Nencho Balabanov with a young boyfriend – 24chasa.bg

– – PHOTO: Official Instagram profile – A month after he was on holiday in Dubai, the actor Nencho Balabanov showed who he was with. He was accompanied by his new girlfriend on a trip to the desert. Balabanov posted photos on his Instagram account of their trip to the exotic country. Under the publication […]

A word about Krampol’s relationship with a young redhead: IT WAS MISSING

Actor, moderator and former stuntman, Jiří Krampol, has recently appeared in the company of the young actress Kateřina Bláhová (25) several times and it has already begun to rumor that these two have something in common. Especially when Jirka introduced his young colleague as a friend. However, the girlfriend’s word was misinterpreted … The death […]

Geňa’s unteachable troublemaker: PROHIBITION FROM A FRIEND

Not even after a few falls Richard Genzer the smile hadn’t disappeared from his face, and although many would have come to be in his skin, he himself could now wave a hand over some critical moments. Having a houseboat was Geno’s old dream, and when things could move, there was no reason to put […]